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Development process – Quang Minh mosquito door net.

Starting in 1995 in Ho Chi Minh City, with customer demand focused on a narrow range of high-end villas, officials and civil servants who have lived and worked abroad or foreign customers living and working in Viet Nam. Up to now, the product of Quang Minh mosquito door net has developed and expanded on a national scale.

Quang Minh mosquito door net

Quang Minh mosquito door net

Outstanding advantages
– Preventing Flies, Mosquitoes, Cockroaches, … insects and foreign objects from entering the house, helping protect family members from infectious diseases brought by mosquitoes.
– With a small mesh cell size, the mesh door helps you take advantage of the light and wind to bring ventilation to the house while saving energy costs (air conditioner, lighting, blower) …
– Totally refreshed with a natural atmosphere, airy living space.
– Environmentally friendly (no need to use toxic chemicals to repel insects).

Service Provider
– We receive request information, surveys and advice, free estimation

Warranty – use and replacement.
– We are committed to quality of products – services based on the belief of the brand value of Quang Minh door net more than 15 years of age and the valuable support of customers nationwide.
– Due to some reason the mesh is torn (the aluminum frame is not deformed), you can buy the mesh and easily replace it or contact us.

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