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How to prevent mosquitoes in the rainy season

Safe – effective way to prevent natural mosquitoes

Due to the climate of our country and the inadequate way to clean the house, mosquitoes and insects appear everywhere, even in the smallest corner, especially in the current rainy season.

So we would like to introduce to you some effective ways to prevent mosquitoes and insects as follows:

  • Use light-colored clothing as mosquitoes are attracted to dark colors
  • Access to swampy areas should be avoided — as this is a mosquito-rich area
  • Remove standing water around the house so mosquitoes do not lay eggs
  • Use mosquito net doors

What is insect net door?

Insect net door used to prevent, stop, and duplicate harmful insects from outside, into your home space. This is a safe product line because it does not use harmful substances, in recent years many families choose to use the product.

Insect net door composed of 2 main parts: aluminum frame and mesh.

Advantages of insect net door:

  • Effective mosquito and insect repellent.
  • Do not use hazardous chemicals
  • Safety for the user
  • Create a well ventilated space for the house
  • Product diversity, with many options suitable for your home space.

To match the type of door and the architecture of the house you can refer to our other designs such as roller mesh doors, pleated mesh doors, sliding screen doors, fixed mosquito net walls.















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